Steps to scale back greenhouse gases key to checking floods

Nellore: Among the many vital steps to scale back flood havoc is a discount in greenhouse gases that may restrict the hostile results of local weather change, a most important contributor to floods. This was acknowledged right here by Dr Catherine O’Conor, director of engineering on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Better Chicago and her colleague Khaza Moinuddin.

 This, they stated, ought to be along with implementation of a well-designed infrastructure consisting of a sewerage community linked to the crops for therapy of sewage, storm water and mixed sewage overflows, aside from implementation of the very best storm-water administration practices.


Based on them, it might not be doable to precisely predict the time when heavy storms would happen leading to heavy flooding of an space. Efficient steps for individuals’s security ought to be formulated by governments and regulatory companies and these be made obtainable for implementation when flooding happens, they proposed.

Individuals dwelling near water our bodies and low-lying areas routinely face the wrath of nature’s fury throughout monsoons in metropolitan cities, companies, municipalities and even villages in India.

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