‘Sangh suffers from Islamophobia however sincerely desires to eradicate caste animosity’

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was important of each form of non secular bigotry, says Vinay Sitapati, creator of Jugalbandi, within the second a part of this interview. He defends the RSS and Sangh, saying they’re truly eager to eradicate caste variations. Excerpts.

In your background relating to the start of Hindutva, you emphasize a historic irony, possibly even an anomaly, that Ambedkar supported Partition siding with Jinnah in opposition to Gandhi and Congress however for precisely an reverse view, presumably retaining his quote on Islam being an in depth company, its brotherhood not being common, or that Islam being incompatible with self-government.


How do you then understand the argument {that a} Muslim-Dalit coalition, or as Asaduddin Owaisi would say – Jai Bheem, Jai Meem – is the most definitely formidable reply to Modi’s Hindutva? How would India’s first legislation minister, Dr Ambedkar, have responded to acts like CAA or the NRC?

Ambedkar was important of each form of non secular bigotry. However another way Ambedkar too was focussed on the welfare of his personal group, the Dalits. It’s the nature of democracy in a group-based society that totally different ideologies subscribing to electoral politics will attempt to style their very own coalition. Democracy in India has at all times been largely in regards to the arithmetic of group numbers.


For instance, Savarkar had easy activity. Hindus are 80 p.c of India, and might simply dominate election. The issue for him is that Hindus don’t consider themselves as one. In the event that they did, it might be simple for any Hindu celebration to win elections. However his math was proper – get the Hindus to really feel united and win energy. Within the course of, the Muslims are alienated, even demonized. However decrease caste Hindus are co-opted, and made companions.

The underlying logic – making an attempt to type coalitions for the sake of a numerical majority – is just not distinctive to the BJP. Each celebration does it. The Communist celebration says we are going to unite the have-nots, staff and farmers and win, whereas demonizing capitalists, merchants and businessmen. All OBC and Dalit events have this formulation of a majority too. They demonise the higher caste, in a bid to consolidate the SCs, STs and OBCs; to which then you definately add Muslims.


There are various methods to get to a majority in elections and every ideology is a mirrored image of a specific calculation to succeed in it. Owaisi is making an attempt to style his personal majority. The BJP is taking part in the identical sport, with a distinct set of blocks. In that sense, each political celebration pursuing energy in a democracy is due to this fact majoritarian in that sense. They’re all taking part in a sport of sewing collectively a sustainable majority and advocating and justifying insurance policies to learn constituents of their groupings.

However how viable is Owaisi’s argument of Muslims and Dalits – in argument each victims of higher caste Hindus – to create a subaltern’s authorities?


The BJP, at this level of time, beneath Narendra Modi has already succeeded in stitching collectively a sustainable majority, which is throughout the caste hierarchy of Hindu society. My critique of Owaisi is that he’s not a liberal counter-argument in opposition to the RSS, merely the opposite aspect of the coin.

He says he opposes a ban on beef however not as a result of he believes each particular person will need to have the correct to eat what he or she desires. Owaisi says there must be no ban on beef as a result of plenty of folks eat beef, particularly Muslims and Dalits. The BJP beats him and the likes of him at this sport as a result of there isn’t a vital liberal constituency in India, who wish to preserve the state away from their personal decisions.


A powerful critique of RSS is it’s a thinly-veiled Brahmanical hegemony?

I don’t agree. If that was the case, why are OBCs, Dalits and Tribals voting for the BJP greater than for every other celebration? Do they not know their very own pursuits? The RSS concept of India has, for over a century, has been articulated by upper-castes who nonetheless have rejected a Hinduism that’s just for upper-castes. In reality, nobody desires the abolition of caste variations between Brahmin and Dalits greater than the RSS and the BJP. After all this was initially fully for electoral causes – to create a Hindu ‘vote-bank’. However if you happen to put on a masks for a 100 years, that masks turns into your face. And immediately, with a Dalit President and OBC Prime Minister ruling the nation, it’s apparent the masks has change into the face. The right criticism of Hindu nationalism is that they’re anti-Muslim. There is no such thing as a approach to dilute this cost. However don’t group Muslims and lower-castes Hindu collectively. That’s, in a approach, creating one other form of vote-bank politics in India. And that vote-bank has failed.


Allow us to perceive your argument accurately. You’re saying RSS is anti-Muslim however not anti-Dalit. It means it desires unity between all castes and polarisation solely on communal traces? So the allegation they’re anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim is half fallacious?

Completely. Take the instance of the Janata authorities in 1977 which the Jana Sangh (precursor of the BJP) was the biggest part of. They might have change into prime minister, however they selected to not. They actually needed Jagjivan Ram to change into PM. Why? Easy motive: he was a Dalit. And the RSS needed to make it possible for India had a Dalit prime minister. Critics of the BJP should reconcile themselves with these information.


Alternatively, they’ve at all times been suspicious of Muslims. The ‘Love Jihad’ legal guidelines of immediately provide you with a terrific perception in RSS considering. They don’t want Hindus to marry Muslims. They need these non secular boundaries to be maintained. Alternatively the sangh parivar even pays cash as incentive for inter-caste marriages, for instance between a Brahmin and a Dalit. The VHP has actively rejected Manu Smriti for upholding caste oppression. On this sense, they’re progressive.

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