How to decide on one of the best photo voltaic panel on your dwelling?

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Now a days individuals swap his dwelling electrical energy on photo voltaic panel to scale back his electrical energy invoice and may contribute in inexperienced power. However listed here are some suggestions and methods that it’s best to at all times be mindful earlier than shopping for photo voltaic panels.

  1. Effectivity
  2. Sturdiness
  3. Guarantee
  4. Temperature Coefficients
  5. Client Critiques


The effectivity of a photo voltaic panel means how a lot electrical energy the photo voltaic panel produces. Usually 1 kilo watt of daylight falls on a panel of 1 sq. meter. The photo voltaic that take much less area will produce extra electrical energy. Principally, there are 2 forms of photo voltaic panels obtainable in India —

Mono crystalline Photo voltaic Panels: Mono crystalline photo voltaic panels are photo voltaic panels of newest know-how, which works in much less sunny and cloudy climate. The mono crystalline panel is black in colour. Their effectivity is 18% — 22%.

Poly crystalline Photo voltaic Panels: Poly crystalline Photo voltaic Panels are seen in bigger amount in India as they price lower than Mono crystalline Panels. Poly crystalline cells are blue and have an effectivity of 15% — 17%.

We are able to detect the effectivity of the photo voltaic panel with the assistance of clamp meter or multi meter. Voltage and present of the photo voltaic panel can simple be measured with the assistance of clamp meter.

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