Alienware’s x15, x17 gaming laptops wield radical ‘Factor 31’ cooling

Cooling is half the battle in gaming laptops and Alienware’s new secret weapon is its mysterious “Factor 31,” which the corporate lastly revealed at Computex 2021.

Factor 31—named for gallium’s 31st place on the periodic desk—is actually an encapsulated gallium liquid metallic and one of many unique supplies Alienware used to make the stupidly skinny Alienware x15 and x17 laptops.

Conventional liquid metals have been utilized by fanatics on desktops for a while, in addition to high-end laptops for the final couple of years or so, nevertheless it’s all the time had downsides. Alienware really checked out phase-change supplies, aluminum-doped supplies, natural waxes, graphite and uncooked liquid metals, however determined Factor 31 was the very best reply.

Dell’s Travis North mentioned whereas standard liquid metallic has nice thermal conductivity, it’s additionally electrically conductive, which isn’t nice in a pc the place it could doubtlessly brief out parts. 

aw x15 internal components Alienware

You’ll be able to see Alienware’s Factor 31 on a CPU die earlier than the cooler is hooked up, which crushes the encapasulated gallium liquid metallic and creates safer and extra environment friendly cooling materials.

“As well as, the fillers corrode within the presence of water vapor, so that you get a degradation of efficiency over time and it’s very corrosive within the presence of aluminum,” North mentioned throughout a press briefing on the brand new laptop computer’s cooling.

The place Factor 31 differs is the convenience and security of utility.

“It appears to be like like a grease, you apply it, compress the warmth sink by screwing it down, it breaks the bonds of the silicone so we get liquid-metal to die contact factors and to the bottom of the warmth sink contact factors,” he mentioned.

Regardless of Factor 31 not having {the electrical} conductivity of standard liquid metals, North did say Alienware nonetheless took the additional security step of fencing Factor 31 off which is what most laptop computer makers have needed to do with their liquid-metals.

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